What if your veterinary administration could look after itself?

Introducing Aino. A single digital platform that connects all your veterinary clinic’s medical data, administration and communications

As a veterinary clinic, you want to focus on the animals under your care. Not on all the administration that goes around maintaining medical records and running your business.

Various technologies offer to ease the burden by digitizing paperwork and communications. But these have often become a distraction in themselves, due to the many different systems every practice needs to learn, while maintaining accounts with the multiple companies who supply them.

What’s more, because these systems cannot be integrated with one another, a great deal of human time and effort is still required to cross-reference data. Where convenience has been created on one hand, new challenges have arisen on the other.

Wouldn’t it be better if there was just one, unified way of managing all your medical data, business administration, workflow and communications?

We think so. Which is why we are developing Aino.

Overall view of Aino projects
aino overall project

Our vision: unprecedented efficiency through fully integrated data management and communications

Connecting data and people to get the best outcome for every pet

Running a successful, modern veterinary practice depends on much more than animal health expertise. It requires getting to grips with multiple diagnostics technologies. It means keeping medical records organized and up-to-date. It calls for staying on top of business accounting and customer management. All the while, maintaining excellent communication between your team members and with customers.

That’s a lot of supporting tasks, on top of your primary purpose.

At Zpeer Inc., where we’ve been developing technology platforms to support animal healthcare since 2013, we are now realizing a comprehensive solution that streamlines the entire business of running a veterinary clinic.

This solution is Aino, a digital platform for unifying and managing all administration and communication tasks via three integrated systems:

The three integrated systems

  • Aino KARTE for automated management of medical records
  • Halope H for business and customer administration
  • Aino for Parents a mobile app for interacting with pet owner customers

Between them, these three systems automatically gather, manage, present and share all the data that’s important for your animal patients, your human clients and your business.

And because the Aino platform joins everything seamlessly together, you benefit from more accurate record-keeping, more effective communication, more efficient workflow and reduced administrative workload. All of which ultimately adds up to better outcomes for the animals under your care.

Help us create the experience you need

We value your opinions

Aino is not for us. It’s for you, your clients and their beloved pets. To be sure Aino will deliver the convenience and performance you need, we are inviting you to try it yourself. Completely free of charge, of course.

Veterinary clinics who participate in our pilot program will get a free trial version of currently available services, with additional functionality added as it is released. You’ll also be kept fully up-to-date on development progress.

As we continue to develop Aino and introduce new features and capabilities, the more feedback we get, the better it will be for everyone.