What if your veterinary administration could look after itself?

Introducing Aino. A single digital platform that connects all your veterinary clinic’s medical data, administration and communications

As a veterinary clinic, you want to focus on the animals under your care. Not on all the administration that goes around maintaining medical records and running your business.

Various technologies offer to ease the burden by digitizing paperwork and communications. But these have often become a distraction in themselves, due to the many different systems every practice needs to learn, while maintaining accounts with the multiple companies who supply them.

What’s more, because these systems cannot be integrated with one another, a great deal of human time and effort is still required to cross-reference data. Where convenience has been created on one hand, new challenges have arisen on the other.

Wouldn’t it be better if there was just one, unified way of managing all your medical data, business administration, workflow and communications?

We think so. Which is why we are developing Aino.

Overall view of Aino projects
aino overall project

Our vision: unprecedented efficiency through fully integrated data management and communications

Connecting data and people to get the best outcome for every pet

Running a successful, modern veterinary practice depends on much more than animal health expertise. It requires getting to grips with multiple diagnostics technologies. It means keeping medical records organized and up-to-date. It calls for staying on top of business accounting and customer management. All the while, maintaining excellent communication between your team members and with customers.

That’s a lot of supporting tasks, on top of your primary purpose.

At Zpeer Inc., where we’ve been developing technology platforms to support animal healthcare since 2013, we are now realizing a comprehensive solution that streamlines the entire business of running a veterinary clinic.

This solution is Aino, a digital platform for unifying and managing all administration and communication tasks via three integrated systems:

The three integrated systems

  • Aino KARTE for automated management of medical records
  • Halope H for business and customer administration
  • Aino for Parents a mobile app for interacting with pet owner customers

Between them, these three systems automatically gather, manage, present and share all the data that’s important for your animal patients, your human clients and your business.

And because the Aino platform joins everything seamlessly together, you benefit from more accurate record-keeping, more effective communication, more efficient workflow and reduced administrative workload. All of which ultimately adds up to better outcomes for the animals under your care.

Help us create the experience you need

We value your opinions

Aino is not for us. It’s for you, your clients and their beloved pets. To be sure Aino will deliver the convenience and performance you need, we are inviting you to try it yourself. Completely free of charge, of course.

Veterinary clinics who participate in our pilot program will get a free trial version of currently available services, with additional functionality added as it is released. You’ll also be kept fully up-to-date on development progress.

As we continue to develop Aino and introduce new features and capabilities, the more feedback we get, the better it will be for everyone.

One platform, three core systems

Aino is set to revolutionize efficiency, accuracy and outcomes

Successfully running a veterinary practice revolves around three core areas. Medical records. Business and customer administration. Interaction with pet owners.

Aino fully addresses each of these areas and joins them together for a uniquely seamless experience. With ground-breaking attention to detail.

Each of the three Aino systems brings excellence to its specific functional role. They then combine via the Aino platform to deliver an unprecedented level of convenience and efficiency that permeates all through your practice.

Thanks to automatic data exchange between the systems, your people no longer have to look up information in one place and enter it in another. And communication with pet owners is faster and more effective than ever previously possible. It all adds up to faster responses and better care, with greatly reduced risk of error.


Bringing all your medical records information together

Aino KARTE is our convenient digital solution that automatically organizes all pet medical record data, in one place. With Aino KARTE, you can say goodbye to compiling, managing and searching through cumbersome paper files, because records are automatically written, updated, and shared with other personnel and with clients, as appropriate.

The result is more accurate, reliable record keeping that can be accessed faster, so you provide better service and pets get better outcomes.

Data gathering

From diagnostic equipment

Aino KARTE can be linked directly to various diagnostics machines, to automatically pull data and write it into the pet’s medical record.*
*this functionality is not yet released

From vets and staff

additional notes can be manually added to records.

From pet owners

Aino KARTE links directly to the Aino for Parents app, from where it automatically adds uploaded information and images to the pet’s medical record.

Data viewing

Aino KARTE provides easy access to each pet’s complete medical information, so vets and authorized staff can quickly see everything they need to know. From pet owners’ input, diagnostics results and vets’ consultation notes to prescription information and care advice.
Aino can also present data as helpful visual charts, such as a graph illustrating how an animal’s weight has changed over time.


Between medical staff

Aino KARTE automatically alerts vets and supporting team members about any action they need to take. Thereby speeding up every medically-related process.

With accounting and customer management

Aino KARTE seamlessly connects with Halope H*, our business and customer administration system, so all administration employees have instant access to everything from the medical side that impacts their work, such as billing and making further appointments.

*Halope H is not currently available in every country. An equivalent compatible solution will be offered where Halope H is not available.

To customers

Aino KARTE’s seamless connection with the Aino for Parents app means relevant documentation and information, such as test results, prescriptions, care advice and reminders to give medication, is instantly delivered.

Of course, aside from “enhancement of viewing functions” and “being able to connect,” we are also pursuing the “function to write,” such as updating history records and predictive input for better efficiency.

Business and customer administration

Halope H, Your complete tool for managing customer accounts, appointments and finances

The Aino platform is fully compatible with Halope H*, a simple-to-use customer management and accounting tool developed for veterinary practices.

As well as being an excellent, all-in-one system for managing customer accounts, appointments and finances, Halope H completely integrates with Aino KARTE and the Aino for Parents app to facilitate complete multi-way flow of information through the practice and with pet owners.

Integration with aino KARTE

Automatic exchange of relevant information between the practice’s medical and administration departments.

Integration with Aino for Parents

Automates customer billing processes and appointment scheduling.

Since July 2022, Halope H has been owned by Zpeer Corporation, the developer and operator of the Aino project.

*Halope H is not currently available in every country. An equivalent compatible solution will be offered where Halope H is not available.

Aino for Parents, Interaction beyond the examination room

Interaction with pet owner customers

Unique to the Aino platform, the Aino for Parents app enables handy 2-way communication between veterinary clinics and pet owners.

Medical input

Pet owners can upload pet-related information and images, which get directly written into their pet’s medical file in Aino KARTE. Pet owners will also be able to allow smart pet care devices, such as collars and toilets, to upload data directly into their pet’s medical record in Aino KARTE, for vet assessment.

Medical output

Pet owners automatically receive relevant information, documentation and reminders to help them care for their pet. Everything from test results, vaccination certificates, prescriptions and care advice to timely prompts to administer medication and make follow-up appointments.


Billing for services and products is automatically handled via the Aino for Parents app, through integration with Halope H (or approved equivalent system).

Aino Q&A

Where is aino available?

The Aino platform, Aino KARTE and Aino for Parents are currently available in Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, India, and the USA. More countries may be introduced in the course of time. Halope H is currently only available in Japan. The ability to offer Halope H outside of Japan, as well as equivalent alternatives is being investigated.

How is Aino and its systems delivered?

All Aino services (including Halope H) run in the Google cloud and are provided as SaaS, on monthly subscription. This subscription is free of charge to participants in the pilot, for as long as the pilot lasts. Full terms and conditions will be provided before enrolling any user in the pilot.

How are Aino systems accessed?

The in-house systems (Aino KARTE and Halope H) can be accessed via PCs, laptops and all mobile devices.

Can individual Aino systems work in isolation?

Halope H (or equivalent) and Aino KARTE can perform independently. Aino for Parents cannot perform independently, as its functionality is based on integration with Halope H and Aino KARTE. To experience the full benefits of Aino, all three systems should be deployed.

Can aino systems be integrated with non-aino systems?

Aino systems cannot be integrated with non-Aino systems (except for specified Halope H alternatives). Aino KARTE, however, is designed to automatically pull data from specified third-party diagnostics equipment.

For further questions about using Aino and its systems

Specialists in animal healthcare connectivity

Decades of experience in healthcare marketing and IT system development

The Aino platform and its systems are brought to you by Zpeer Inc., a Tokyo-based company which has been supporting the animal health industry by developing and running collaborative IT platforms since 2013.

Through its platforms for providing education, facilitating communities and disseminating product marketing, Zpeer Inc. successfully joins the dots to better animal health in the livestock and companion animal (pet) sectors. Zpeer Inc’s online services connecting animal healthcare professionals have over 40,000 users around the world. More than 75% of Japan’s vets are active on its Vetpeer platform.

Zpeer Inc. is led by its founder & CEO, Yuta Fujimoto. Having attained an MBA with distinction from New York’s Cornell University, he went on to work for ZS Associates as a management consultant for pharmaceutical companies in the US and Japan, and become Director of Global Business Intelligence at Otsuka Pharmaceutical, before founding Zpeer.

Yuta Fujimoto’s experience, expertise and vision is complemented by that of Zpeer Inc.’s chairman, Moto Nogawa, who joined the company as its president in 2014. Before joining Zpeer, Moto Nogawa spent 15 years leading the Companion Animal business unit at Pfizer Japan Inc., during which time he made it the #1 company in the pet drug market.

Be among the first veterinary clinics in the world to benefit from Aino

Take part in the free Aino pilot

Veterinary practices in Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, India, and the USA are now invited to take part in the Aino pilot.

We would create new, user-friendly, convenient features in cooperation with doctors.

Participation in the pilot gives your veterinary clinic access to all available Aino systems and services, with additional functionality added as it is released. This access remains free-of-charge for as long as the pilot lasts. Full terms and conditions will be provided before enrolment in the pilot.

Are you ready to experience how Aino can transform your efficiency and service?

Business partners

Zpeer is looking for well-connected business partners to bring Aino to users outside of Japan. Would you like to represent Aino exclusively in your country?

Aino is developed and operated by Zpeer Corporation, which operates Vetpeer.