We want to use technology to create a future where all veterinarians, hospital staff, pet owners, and animals are happier.

The current digital services in veterinary hospitals are becoming complex and require several digital products.

New technology should alleviate the burden for veterinarians instead of struggling to adjust.

The aino project aims to integrate digital services around veterinary hospitals. We are creating integrated products that are simple and convenient for everyone in the veterinary industry.

aino’s thoughts

  1. aino = is a portmanteau of “I know.” we will increase the number of “I know.” By simplifying the sharing of information between veterinary hospitals and pet owners.
  2. By developing and providing digital services that are easy for veterinarians to adapt to.
  3. By integrating services into one platform. Veterinarians, clinic staff, and pet owners will have all the convenience in one system. Similar to Apple (iPad, iPhone, iTunes, Mac).
Overall view of aino projects
aino overall project

A future where veterinary hospitals and pet owners are better connected.

The point of interaction between veterinary hospitals and pet owners is during visits to the hospital. After the visit, communication is only by email or direct mail.

Through the technology with aino, we want veterinary hospitals to connect with pet owners without the extra work for veterinary staff.

One example would be automatic reminders customized to different pet owners to administer a prescribed drug or advise to have a physical examination for the pet when a year has passed.

Information automatically sent to owners is tailored to the animal’s illness and condition. For example, guiding them via “Make an Appointment” to visit the veterinary hospital.

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Electronic medical records are faster for searching and displaying the critical information needed.

Why use electronic medical records instead of paper?
Some may think the paper medical record is enough for documentation.

The benefit of electronic medical records

  1. Enhancement of viewing functions
  2. Being able to connect

For example

1.Enhancement of viewing functions

With enhancements in viewing information, doctors can see at a glance the weight of a pet displayed in a graphic chart. Quick view of important information in history such as drug reactions, and preventive treatments. A summary of past medical examinations can be searched right away. Through technology, this will enhance how veterinarians view information.

2.Being able to connect

Electronic medical record entry will be the foundation for creating a future in which veterinary hospitals and owners are better connected, as the “future we are aiming for” presented above.

Of course, aside from “enhancement of viewing functions” and “being able to connect,” we are also pursuing the “function to write,” such as updating history records and predictive input for better efficiency.

Halope H, a simple customer management and accounting tool, is now part of aino

Halope H is one of the most simple, popular, stress-free customer management and accounting tool currently available for veterinary hospitals. It is now part of aino. (Zpeer Corporation, the developer and operator of the aino project, acquired Halope H from Halope Corporation in July 2022.)

Reception, customer management, and accounting services for veterinary hospitals are available.

As a cloud-based service, the service does not require installation and can use on multiple devices, from PCs and tablets in the hospital. In addition, since data is stored in the cloud, you don't need to worry about data migration.

We aim to make a user-friendly UI design for reception staff to make it easy to use.

Halope H is part of aino electronic medical record system. The system automatically updates procedures, tests, prescriptions, invoices, or documents that can be sent to the pet owner via LINE and accept reservations on LINE as well.

With feedback from doctors, we will make it better and more useful.

The aino project is still in development. However, it is a service that will be continuously enhanced for veterinary hospitals.

With feedback from doctors, aino will be better suited to the needs of the veterinary hospitals.

We would create new, user-friendly, convenient features in cooperation with doctors.

If you participate in the aino project, you will receive a free version of the service. At the same time, we can share the development status, and you will be able to submit your requests. Participating in the aino project is free.

With your help, we can create a better and more convenient future for veterinary hospitals.

For those who will participate and help us in development of the aino project, we offer the following:

  1. A free trial version of available services of the aino project will be offered. (Electronic medical records and remote receptionist services will be available by the end of 2022.)
  2. Be updated about the latest status on development as needed.
  3. We will provide a place for feedback and requests such as "I wish it was like this" and "I want it to be like this".

With new technology, we shouldn't fear change. Instead, we can make use of it for a better future.

Digital technology has entered every industry and continues to transform every product and service at an unprecedented speed and scale.

We shouldn't fear the changes in technology. It will be a massive benefit for the industry if we utilize it. However, it won't help if we stand still!

Let’s use digital technology to create a better future.

We at aino will develop digital services for veterinary hospitals and help improve efficiency in operation and contribute to the end where veterinary hospitals and pet owners are better connected.

We will continue developing the services with feedback from veterinary professionals.

We hope to make the future of veterinary hospitals brighter in the new era.

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Currently available at Vetpeer Official article: "Digitalization Brings Hope for the Future of Veterinary Medicine" Please check out the website.(Contents for Vetpeer members only.)

aino is developed and operated by Zpeer Corporation, which operates Vetpeer.